Our New LS-400 LED Searchlight

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Introducing a brighter, more reliable, LED searchlight designed to save you time and money. Only at Luminator Aerospace.

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    Luminator Aerospace is a division of Luminator Technology Group, the world's largest manufacturer of state-of-the-art LED lighting and signage for the global transportation industry. Luminator Aerospace brand products have been relied upon for lighting, passenger comfort and safety systems by the commercial, general, and military aircraft markets since the introduction of the McDonnell Douglas DC-4 in 1942. Our products include both interior and exterior lighting developed for major operators, OEMs, and tier I/tier II customers. We cover a wide range of applications, including interior passenger lighting, exterior indication, navigation lighting, emergency lighting, signage, and searchlights. If you travel by commercial, corporate, or military aircraft, chances are that you have come in contact with a Luminator branded product.