LTG’s commitment to deliver outstanding value to our customers led to the development of the FOCON product line, a comprehensive range of highly integrated, scalable solutions for projects of virtually any size, anywhere in the world today.    

FOCON products are focused on pioneering passenger information systems of the highest quality, reliability and value. The brand has become synonymous with innovative standardized solutions that reduce complexity and cost and support needs while enhancing present and future opportunities for rapid scalability.    

An operator could begin with a basic networked FOCON solution that includes video surveillance, public address and digital display systems. As passenger demands evolve over time, the system can easily be expanded to include on-board communications or entertainment capabilities.  

Using FOCON products, it is possible to build a modern passenger information system that contributes to the financial success of a railway not only by improving the travel experience for passengers, but also lowering the lifetime cost of ownership by keeping operation and maintenance costs to a minimum.  

The goal of the FOCON brand is to satisfy customer needs and concerns in products that are of the highest quality, reliability and serviceability. For this reason, customers have a long-term relationship with FOCON products, understanding their value and contribution to stability of the bottom line.   

FOCON became a part of Luminator Technology Group in 2010. 

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