Gorba AG is a leader in the passenger information sector. Gorba’s products include components for vehicle displays, stops and public transport centers. Gorba started developing and selling display systems for buses and trains in 1982 in Oberbüren, Switzerland. Within three decades Gorba achieved a high market share and market leadership in many European countries and the Middle East.  In 2014, Gorba AG and Invertag AG consolidated. Invertag AG was founded in 1964 as a trading company for electronic components headquartered in Zollikerberg. 

Gorba’s customers valued the high-quality and efficient passenger information systems, and customer support was unmatched. Specialists guaranteed prompt and reliable customer and product support from Gorba’s headquarters or on-site. 

Over 65 employees ensured Gorba quality with their daily efforts in more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia. Gorba was acquired by Luminator Technology Group in July 2015.

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