Luminator Technical Laboratories

Luminator Technical Laboratories

In 2013, Luminator Technical Laboratories (LTL) was established and in 2014, became ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited. Luminator has continued to make investments in our technical laboratories and associated equipment.  The capabilities of LTL allows us to perform the majority of the 24/7 certification testing activities in-house, therefore reducing the need for outside testing services.

Luminator’s test technicians are skilled in performing optical measurements using state of the art equipment that includes spectro-radiometers, Illumination meters, Integrating spheres and Goniometers.  Our purchase and implementation of the Goniometer allows Luminator to perform complex optical measurements that previously required contracted services.

Luminator also has skilled FAA certificated technicians that are assigned to our recently approved 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station and EASA Part 145, Approval Certificate Number EASA145.6651.  These skilled technicians are authorized to perform repairs and “Return to Service” functions.

Luminator Technical Laboratories

Other testing capabilities include:

  1. EMI/EMC –
    1. Radiated and Conducted Emissions Test Equipment
    2. Magnetic Effects
    3. Power Input
    4. Power Quality Test Equipment
    5. Voltage Spikes
    6. Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility
    7. Induced Signal Susceptibility
    8. Electrostatic Discharge 
  2. Environmental –
    1. Multiple temperature chambers Sizes 2’ x 2’ x 2’, to 3’ x 3’ x 5’
    2. Humidity Chamber
    3. 2 Thermal Shock Chambers
    4. 2 Thermal Cycle Chambers
  3. Dynamics –
    1. Shakers up to 6000 lb. Force, 5 to 2000 Hz
    2. Shock, up to 15,000 lb. Force
    3. 9G Vibration Table 
  4. Fluids Test –
    1. Fluids Susceptibility
    2. Waterproofness
  5. Optical Testing Capabilities
    1. Instrument Systems Spectro 320 – DTS201
      1. The SP320 is a high resolution, high accuracy scanning spectrometer. Utilizing several different optical probes this equipment can make accurate and repeatable luminance, illuminance and color measurements. It is also capable of capturing infra-red spectrum for sensitive Night vision measurements.
    2. Instrument Systems Goniometer  DTS500-113
      1. The goniometer works with the Spectro 320 to give luminance, illuminance and color measurements at specific angles. It is a two-axis, Type-B goniometer.
    3. Radiant Zemax Pro Metric G2, Imaging colorimeter
      1. The Pro Metric Imaging colorimeter allows us to capture data as an image to analyze luminance and color. It is a key component in the design phase as well as it allows to have higher throughput in production.
    4. Hoffman AGS-1130-011 Goniophotometer
      1. The AGS-1130 is an automated Type-A goniometer. It is an open top, 30 inch width goniometer, with manually operated z-axis travel. This goniometer is connected to a 100 foot light tunnel, fitted with light baffles to extinguish scattered light. The Goniophotometer system has two detectors capable of measuring visible light intensity and NVIS-A intensity.
    5. We also have a variety of hand-held colorimeters, illuminance meters and luminance meters.

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