At Luminator Technology Group, Customer Satisfaction First means Quality First.

Luminator Technology Group maintains a well-established, documented, implemented quality management system (QMS) in accordance with AS9100C, ISO9001:2008, ASO100A and FAA Title 14 CFR §21.303. Detailed descriptions of each process are addressed through individual, top-level quality procedures.

We subject our QMS to annual accreditation surveillance audits and quarterly 3rd party audits plus monthly internal audits to ensure the QMS is performing to its highest level.

As part of the QMS we utilize an on-line corrective action database to capture opportunities for improvement. Corrective action submittals are reviewed by cross functional team then followed up to verify effectiveness. The corrective action system covers corrective action requests/reports (CARs), preventative action requests (PARs), and supplier corrective action requests (SCARs).

Quality training is at the core to our success. Employees are trained at the beginning of their employment and throughout their tenure at LTG. We strive to maintain their competence level for building quality into the product. We have many specialty areas including certified FAA DMIRs and DERs, and personnel with customer ODA status.


Our solutions comply with environmental standards and your company. We are fully aware of the importance of maintaining the planet’s resources and apply these concepts in our projects. This is reflected in energy savings, fuel use, reduction of emissions and the use of more reliable materials in the manufacturing process.