RearView Camera Housing

The RearView Camera Housing are designed for the special application in vehicles like trains, trams and busses. The housings are equipped with different technical solutions.

The elegant design is adapted to the design of modern vehicles. Individual colour will be realized. The housing is made of special fiberglass-reinforced plastic which provides the required fire protection for vehicles. The mechanical design allows the vertical adjustment of the camera at the vehicle.

The camera corresponds to valid railway standards

Technical Data:

  • Dust and weather protecting housing with controlled front glass heater and thermostat
  • Base plate aluminium, top of tough plastics
  • Front glass of Borofloatglass, option sapphire glass
  • IP65 is assured and will be certified on request (higher IP rate optional)
  • Turn and tilt mechanism for the camera.
  • Heater and front glass heater
  • Power consumption: 20W…50W (custom)
  • Heater: 12V / 24V / 48V / 76V / optional: 110V
  • Size: 153 x 158 x 76mm Height over vehicles shelf: 56mm

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