X-Media Manager

The Fleet Management tool is a Microsoft OS based client server software solution to manage metadata from the on-board CCTV system via remote access. The remote accessibility is depending on the customer infrastructure and can be WLAN, UMTS or LTE.

Typically the Fleet Management tool is installed in a central control room. The FleetManager Server is designed to manage and control the connections of all trains and is used for storing and distributing all received information like health check data, video clips to multiple clients linked to client PC’s & the control room.

Content Management for the CCTV system via “container files” guarantees a safe fully automated receiving and distribution of content in real-time or scheduled as a job to pre-defined dates and times by the either the server or operator (Client).

The user-friendly client software is typically installed on existing hardware (PC units) enabling the sending and receiving of pre-defined data automatically or on demand. A multiuser management will give the administrator the control of who is allowed to view or access data.

The Fleet Management software concept is of a modular design to ensure maximum flexibility on feature support and cost efficiency.

Key features of the Fleet Management tool include:

Real-time Remote Access: For remote CCTV live video monitoring in emergency cases.

Job Manager: User (Client) can create a task to download video from the train at the next accessible
point to the Fleet Server. The Job Manager is designed to create multiple tasks upfront which can be
executed automatically at the next accessible point.

Diagnostic Monitoring: Real time information on the client GUI (Graphic User Interface) about the
CCTV system and connection (availability) status.

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