FIDES AG is pleased to announce the sale of the portfolio companies

After having built a solid and expandable base for further growth through its strong operative and financial engagement at the portfolio companies Invertag AG and Gorba AG, FIDES Business Partner AG placed both firms in the globally active Luminator Technology Group through an industrial trade sale.
This step allows both companies to focus on their core competencies in product development and system integration. Further the firms can profit from synergies with its new affiliates as part of the Luminator Technology Group. The global footprint of the Luminator Technology Group enables Invertag AG and Gorba AG to market the products that have been successfully developed and launched over the course of the last two years, in new international markets. FIDES Business Partner AG is convinced that the strategic and operational benefits of this trade sale will quickly materialize and the firms are well positioned for further sustainable growth as part of the Luminator Technology Group.

About Luminator Technology Group (LTG)
LTG is a leading manufacturer and integrator of display and lighting technology, providing products and systems to a wide range of customers in the Bus, Rail and Aircraft transportation segments. LTG branded products, marketed under the Luminator, Lawo, Axion, Focon, Mobitex, Twin Vision and VSN brand names, will now be complemented by the two strong brands Invertag and Gorba.
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About Gorba
Gorba AG is a leading manufacturer in the field of passenger information systems. Its product range comprises destination sings, displays in vehicles, but also stationary signs and displays incl. respective information management system at stops.
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About Invertag
Invertag AG develops and manufactures premium displays and input systems for
for the manufacturing, public transportation and the digital signage market.
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