The first Brazilian Light Vehicle Rail (LRV) is equipped with Mobitec signs

Mobitec Brazil has provided the destination signs to the airmobile air-powered built with 100% Brazilian technology.


Newcomer in Porto Alegre (Brazil, RS), the LRV model A100 was idealized by Oskar Coester and is capable of transporting around 150 passengers. Manufactured in Rio de Janeiro by TTrans under license of Coester’s company, the vehicle was built with 100% Brazilian technology and Mobitec Brasil was chosen to provide the Eletronic Signs.

According to Diego Abs, Aeromóvel Brasil’s director of engineering, “The choice of Mobitec for provide the destination signs happened for two reasons: first, because it is a Brazilian company. The LRV Project excelled for national technology in order to enhance these companies. And the second reason occurred by indication. Among the products manufactured in the production chain in Caxias do Sul for passenger information systems, the company was very well recommended”.

Mobitec Brasil stands today in the development and manufacture of passenger information systems for public transportation, leading the Latin America Market on rail and bus industries. According to Ricardo Pastore, Mobitec’s engineering manager, “We’re very grateful to have been selected to participate in an innovative project that has lived more than 30 years in the imagination of gaucho’s citizens”. For Guilherme Demore, Managing director of Brazilian operation, “the Aeromovel has extreme importance to our company in Brazil, due to the objective of acting on the rail market. Thus, the realization of this project has been seen as a result of efforts allocated on this segment which may, possibly, bring new opportunities to Mobitec in the rail market, both in Brazil or in Latin America”.