The European REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and CHemicals, 1907/2006/EC) has entered into force.

One of the requirements of REACH is that manufacturers and importers have the duty to register chemical substances that they produce or import in quantities over 1 ton per year. Another requirement is to inform customers if we have substances from the candidate list in a concentration above 0.1% (w/w) in our products. A third requirement is not to use substances from annex XVII.

Focon supports the objective of REACH to further improve the European Union’s chemicals regulatory system, including the aim to advance public health and safety as well as the protection of the environment.Foconhasahigh standardforhumanhealthandenvironmentalawareness,andwe declare that all our products comply with the REACH requirements of 23rd September 2011.

Focon is neither a manufacturer nor an importer of chemicals and we do not manufacture articles with intended release of substances.

Focon follows the Railway Industry Substance List from UNIFE, which is a comprehensive and accurate list of the prohibited and declarable chemicals used specifically by the railway industry. The overarching objective of this database is to provide information on materials and substances that are prohibited by European and international legislation. The list defines and categorises substances and furthermore provides the locale of where restrictions must be considered. The UNIFE Topical Group has furthermore extended the legal scope outside Europe to include Canada, China, and the USA.

Focon does not provide any analysis data for our products as this is not a requirement in the REACH legislation. We are, however, aware of our obligation proactively to inform our customers should a substance used by Focon in excess of the limit value appear on the candidate list. All relevant information will under such circumstances be communicated in accordance with this obligation.

The Focon policy is to be fully compliant with the REACH legislation and to work closely with suppliers and customers. This declaration is part of our policy to keep our customers fully informed about our REACH commitment.

Best regards,

Managing Director Focon Electronic Systems