Gorba offers cloud services

Gorba’s new cloud service includes the following properties:

  • Creating new vehicle contents at your own work station.
  • After creating new contents transferring it to a Gorba server / Gorba cloud respectively
  • Depending on the selected update alternative, direct transfer to the vehicle is supported.

This offers you the following advantages:

  • All from one hand
  • Reduced investment costs and lower capital binding for customers
  • No local IT personnel resources needed for IT infrastructure, maintenance and support
  • IT-Infrastructure is technologically always up to date
  • The equipment in vehicles can be updated much faster
  • The customer can rely on specialists
  • The cloud solution is permanently updated
  • Guaranteed support during office hours
  • Operation of the application is available 24h/7

Below a system overview visualising the system connections of the Gorba cloud.