INFOtransit expands to North America

On Board LCD Visual Message Technology

By: Dan Kelleher

INFOtransit is rapidly taking shape in North America.

In Europe the expansion took place over ten years ago and today over twenty thousand buses are equipped with LCD Visual Message technology.

The North American market is taking shape but the benefits are still being defined.

  • Is it a next stop system?
  • Is it a route ladder?
  • Is it a source for public service information?
  • Is it a source for advertising revenue?
  • It is a source for news, weather, local events?
  • Is it a source for audio announcements?
  • Is it a security system?

Luminator’s INFOtransit system is all of the above in one design assuring the transit agency that they will have a product that will provide a return on investment, reducing capital costs.

The INFOtransit system is designed using easy to read TFT monitors located strategically throughout the vehicle to provide the rider with a visual source of information. It provides a visual route ladder that tracks the location of the vehicle as it travels through the route assuring that at any time the rider will know where they are and what stop is coming up. A visual stop requested announcement will flash when activated.

The screen layout can be flexible or fixed to allow both route info and advertising to appear simultaneously. A ticker can be added to provide RSS feeds. With the addition of a camera feature, the screen can change to security interior pictures, deterring on vehicle incidents.

The system can also provide video advertising and audio capabilities can be added.

Using the GPS location of the vehicle, the INFOtransit screen can also provide information on local events, or location based advertisements or advertising can be time based, the choice is in the hands of the transit agency.

The ability to update the controller wirelessly throughout the day assures that the information is current. System events and warnings such as and public service announcements and Amber Alerts, can be added or changed on the fly to assure that information is accurate.

And now back to the return on investment capability mentioned above. The INFOtransit system has the ability to display focused advertising based on location, or date and time to a ready audience.  Digital advertising is proven effective and by actively selling the screen space, the transit agency can see a greater return on advertising dollars than through any other out of home advertising opportunity. How many 10 second ads can be shown during an average 15 minute commute?

Recent projects with Dallas Area Rapid Transit and Sun Metro in El Paso have shown proven results. Customers are pleased with the addition of the systems on the DART AND El Paso buses.

So the answer to the question is “All of the Above!” Contact us and let us show you how you can add this versatile improvement to your fleet.

Dan Kelleher is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing North America for Luminator Technology Group.