Invertag & Gorba are consolidating

The shareholders of Invertag AG and Gorba AG approved the merger of their activities. In a first phase Gorba AG will operate as a subsidiary of Invertag AG; in the midterm a “one brand” strategy will be pursued. The merger leads to the complementary extension of the technology competencies in hard- and software and an expansion of the product & service portfolio for displays and input systems for public transport and producing industry and passenger information systems for bus and tram as well as digital-out-of-home. 

Invertag AG develops and produces high-quality display and input systems for public transport, the producing industry and the digital signage market. Its main activities are in Europe and Russia. Gorba AG is a globally active supplier of complete passenger information systems for public transport. At the core of the transaction are the mutual strengths in hard- and software technologies and a through understanding of regulations and standards in public transport. This combination creates new generations of products, which cover the increasing demands and needs in public transport and the industry. In particular, the market trend towards digital display solutions for advertising messages in public transport can now be technologically fully covered. This will have a positive impact for the rapidly growing business segment digital-out-of-home and makes the new group a leading technology provider in this area.

The transaction was managed strategically and structurally by FIDES Business Partner AG. FIDES Business Partner AG, headquartered in Zurich focuses on corporate investments under personnel participation of its managers on strategic and operational business. FIDES is convinced that the operational and strategic advantages will quickly develop and the positioning and support of further growth of the newly formed group will be favored.

 About Invertag:

Invertag AG was founded in 1964 as a trading company for electronic components headquartered in Zollikerberg. Today Invertag has 22 employees and is a leading and innovative provider of screen technologies. Core is the development and production of display and input systems for public transport, the producing industry and the digital signage market. Based on its strong hardware development performance Invertag has entered in 2013 the digital-out-of-home market in order to gain a significant position in Switzerland in this rapidly growing market segment. As an integrator, Invertag systematically builds new marketable digital networks.

About Gorba:

Gorba AG is a leading manufacturer in the passenger information sector. The product range includes components for vehicle displays, stops and public transport centers. Gorba started developing and selling display systems for buses and trains in 1982 in Oberbüren in Switzerland, the headquarters of Gorba today. Beginning with Switzerland, within three decades Gorba has achieved with over 65 employees a high market share and market leadership in more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia.