Luminator launches integrated back up camera included with destination sign.

PLANO, Texas, Apr. 12, 2016 ‐ Luminator Technology Group (LTG) is pleased to introduce the NEW Back‐Up camera option for both Luminator and TwinVision customers Luminator continues to grow their product offerings to help solve end users concerns, and safety is high on that list. Back‐over crashes result in injury, death and property damage. Today’s transit customers realize the benefit of having a means to see behind the bus when in reverse. Further the dash area clutter is becoming a safety concern and space is limited. LTG’s solution captures the area directly behind the vehicle on their MCU (Multi‐Control Unit) TFT screen and eliminates the blind spot. Every time the driver selects reverse the MCU screen automatically switches to display the LIVE video image from the backup camera, which is integrated into the rear destination sign. Using the MCU screen eliminates the need to add an auxiliary monitor in the  operator’s already overcrowded area. Having the camera integrated into the rear sign simplifies installation and protects the camera from the harsh environment. Dan Kelleher,VP Sales and Marketing, noted the integrated camera helps enhance driver safety and points out that many back up incidents occur between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM while the buses are in the depot. We believe this technology will help reduce the number of incidents and save our customers money. The Backup Camera will be one of the products showcased at Booth 410 at the Bus & Paratransit Conference in Charlotte, NC May 15‐18, 2016. Contact: John Obert OEM/National Sales Manager 614‐327‐4351 – Office 614‐327‐4351 ‐ Mobile