Luminator Technology Group acquires Axion Technologies

We are pleased and exited to announce that Luminator Technology Group (LTG) has completed the acquisition of Axion Technologies. LTG is a global supplier of passenger information systems for public transit and aerospace markets. For more information about LTG please visit our website at

Axion Technologies is a global supplier of passenger information systems serving the Rail and Bus markets. For more information please visit

Products marketed under the Luminator, Lawo, Axion, Focon, Mobitec, and Twinvision brand names provide the best-in-class signage and passenger information systems. It is our intention with the addition of Axion to maintain these products and brand names independently to ensure continued support to our customers and maintain a healthy competitiveness in the market place. through our individual brands and by combining our skills, experience and resources we will provide the best and most comprehensive support to your operations worldwide.