Luminator Technology Group Acquires Gorba

July 29, 2015 Luminator Technology Group (LTG) is pleased to announce the acquisitions of Gorba/lnvertag AG. Luminator Technology Group, is a leading manufacturer and integrator of display and lighting technology providing products and systems to a wide range of customers in the bus, rail and aircraft transportation segments. For more information about L TG please visit our website at Gorba AG is a leading manufacturer of public transportation passenger information systems. Please visit their website at Products marketed under the Luminator, Lawo, Axion, Focon, Mobitec, Twin Vision, VSN, Gorba and lnvertag brand names provide the best-in-class signage and passenger information systems. It is our intention with the addition of Gorba/lnvertag to maintain these products and brand names independently to ensure continued support to our customers and maintain our cutting edge technology position in the market place. Through our individual brands and by combining our skills, experience and resources we provide the best and most comprehensive support to our operations and customers worldwide.