Luminator Technology Group Introduces 138% Brighter Stairwell Light

Plano, TX Luminator Technology Group (Luminator), a leading provider of onboard passenger information systems, destination signs, software, and lighting products today announced availability of a new higher brightness stairwell light design.  Luminator increased the brightness of their Stairwell Light design to improve patron safety in low light conditions as passengers enter and exit the vehicle.

The new stairwell light design uses energy efficient, surface mount LEDs which provide a significantly brighter light output (138% increase over the tested area) as well as a broader light pattern than the previous design.

The new design utilizes the same aluminum alloy housing with a clear polycarbonate lens and an operating voltage of +9 to +33 VDC.  Also, the mounting hole pattern remains unchanged, so the new light is completely backward compatible and can be installed in place of the previous version for upgraded performance.

The stairwell light product sheet is available here.  For more information please contact Luminator’s customer service team at (972) 424-6511 or contact your local Luminator sales representative.


About Luminator Technology Group

Luminator Technology Group, is a leading manufacturer and integrator of display, video surveillance, and lighting technology providing products and systems to a wide range of customers in the bus, rail and aircraft transportation segments.

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