Our software solutions can do any job for you. From simple text editing for your destination signs to content editiing for infotainment systems to communication between your fleet and the back office with updates for all products and statistics and error reports to facilitate your trouble shooting. We provide a complete back office management center that satisfies your needs.

LAWO icenter.suite

  • Back office software
  • Administration of user management and unit configuration
  • Media part to design for sign layouts and handle images, videos, and symbols
  • Online part to monitor the systems inside bus and rail, to have real time view into the vehicles
  • Offers Content Management System (CMS)
  • Service and diagnosis of the products inside the vehicles
  • Shows any statistics of the PI System


  • Content management for LAWO Infotainment system
  • Customized design possible
  • Insertion of graphics and movies possible
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  • Easy-to-use destination editor
  • Windows user interface
  • Multilingual
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GORBA icenter.suite

  • central administration system for updates
  • Media to design a TFT layout
  • can also create audio Layouts for announcements
  • with icenter informations can be backed up daily
  • with icenter.diag error identifications can be handled locally
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GORBA imotion.APPsuite

The software controls the visual TFT display of configurable routes and advertising material.  It can also control optional features such as multi-language text-to-speech (TTS) loud speaker announcements.

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MWA – Mobitec Web Access

  • Web-based multi-client content management system
  • Modular package
  • Status and diagnostics reports into back office
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