Infotainment Systems

Infotainment Systems

Our state-of-the art infotainment sign systems enable transport operators to provide passengers with any kind of information to ensure they have a safe and smooth journey:

  • Next stop information
  • Detailed route information
  • Network maps
  • Operator information
  • Newsticker
  • Advertisements.

Our fully flexible modular infotainment systems offer solutions for all requirements. Products are available in several display sizes and product lines (Slave, IP/Ethernet and Compact) to meet and exceed customers’ demands.

Features & Benefits

  • GPS triggered route information system
  • Full control of Next Stop signs and Infotainment
  • External and internal voice announcement
  • Optional: with online functionality:
    • Online updates of infotainment media and route data
    • Feedback of system hardware and software status
    • Backoffice access to all vehicles via web-interface
    • Content management for infotainment systems

System Components

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