Our software solutions can handle virtually any job- from simple text editing for your destination signs to content editing for infotainment systems.  We can communicate between your fleet and the back office with updates for all products and statistical error reporting to facilitate  trouble shooting status updates. We provide a complete back office management center that satisfies your needs.


The software controls the visual TFT display of configurable routes and advertising material.  It can also control optional features such as multi-language text-to-speech (TTS) loud speaker announcements.


Back office software for administration of user management and unit configuration

Content Management System (CMS) for media design for sign layouts and to handle images, videos, and symbols for effective passenger information and advertising

On-board system inside each bus and rail car for real time view into the vehicles

Remote service and diagnosis of the products inside the vehicles

Displays statistics of the Passenger Information System

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Sign System Software

The Sign System Software enables Transit Authorities to display Real-Time and Scheduled Arrival information and Transit System Alerts to passengers.  Additional messages can be created and saved in your own standard library or quickly built using the message editor.  Audio announcements can be associated with any of these messages.  Messages are then sent for immediate display or added to the schedule.  Messages and schedules are sent to individual signs or select locations such as all routes, certain routes, specific stations, or individual signs.

Our Backend Server is designed to be fully upgradable and scalable for future expansion.  We can also provide redundant server options to meet extreme up time requirements.  Reliability is designed in using IP based communication and field proven hardware for wired or cellular connectivity.   Message scheduling eliminates the need for constant communication with signs.



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