Shelter Signs

The shelter signs from BMG MIS based on LCDs or LEDs are developed especially for the requirements of the public transport as bus or light rail display boards, passenger guidance systems, platform boards and departure/arrival displays, schedule displays etc.. They are well adapted for illustrating texts, graphics and logos and are available in different sizes, resolutions and colors for indoor and outdoor applications.

The information displayed is readable under all light conditions, even in direct sunlight. The display has a homogenous appearance and thus provides a very good readability.

The dynamic info-displays based on LCD edge light modules or Geameleon bistable technology are assembly kits which can be integrated in existing steles, show cases, stop posts or stop signs. These sets are available one-sided or double-sided and designed for small and medium sized stations. With a mounting depth of just 56 mm the assembly kit is very slim and can be adapted in existing elements with little effort.

Shelter Signs

Shelter Signs

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