Bus Shelter Signs

Bus Shelter Signs

Bus Shelter Signs display accurate and up-to-date arrival information from multiple data sources. Configure and create content that meets ADA requirements.

  • Full color and monochrome
  • Multiple pitches and matrixes available
  • Health monitoring and diagnostics
  • NEMA rated enclosures

Bus Shelter Signs

Bus Shelter Signs

Luminator Bus Shelter Signs provide communication with the passengers using our LED, LCD, EPaper and Bistable CHLCD designs.  Real-time arrival and departure information can be retrieved and from multiple sources and displayed  along with standard schedules.  System status and alerts can also be displayed along with custom messages.  All signs are designed to meet environmental and application requirements and can include audio on demand.  ADA requirements are also considered in the design requirements so that all travelers’ needs are addressed.



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Remote Shelter Signs

In remote bus route locations passengers still need travel information to know when the next bus will come.  However, in some places there may not even be an electrical power grid to power a sign.  Luminator EPaper and Bistable CHLCD signs with optional solar kit are great for this application.  Display the next departure time, a map, and other information can be displayed simply by touching a push-button to change pages.  Installation can be done on an existing pole/structure inexpensively and quickly.  An optional camera or lighting can be added for additional passenger safety and to deter vandalism. 

These signs power up when an information update is pushed out to the signs.  Then the last update remains displayed (without power) until the next update refresh is made.  The EPaper version has superior pixel resolution at 1600×1200, while the Bistable CHLCD version is optimized for temperature range (-20 C to +80 C).  Click the links below for more specific product information:

EPaper product sheet

Bistable CHLCD product sheet





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