Platform Signs

To serve passengers with a continuous flow of information, our destination displays on platforms show prompt and up-to-date departure information.For the different requirements and information content of national and city transport, we have designed standard display types based on our many years of experience. These differ mainly in the number of displays, the number of lines or the display board layout. This allows the user more flexibility in the design of a passenger information system. The trans-flective characteristic give the LCD displays optimal readability in all weather conditions – including in direct sunlight. A light sensor regulates the brightness of the signs automatically (up to 3000cd/m²). the implemented energy management system contributes to a high environmental performance and lowering the operating costs.

Beside platform sign based on LCD technology the Geameleon technology offers the possibility to show real-time information using very little power.

These displays are based on a bistable technology which is characterised by very low power consumption. According to the requirements, the displays can be produced in different sizes and the user has the possibility to choose between monochrome or colour layouts. Specifically designed for outdoor areas, the display can be mechanically integrated in various ways e.g. on lamp posts, platform roofs or walls. The system can also be run in a self-sufficient manner using solar energy.The full matrix composition allows for a flexible layout of different information, graphics, pictograms and logos.

Platform Signs

Platform Signs

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