Sign System Software

Sign System Software

Our passenger and customer information management software (PaCIM) is the answer to the requests by the public transport market for open and multi-modal communications platform.This platform is modular and offers transport operators the chance to create an individual passenger management system to suit their requirements.

Current departure information, information about connections (including deviations and information to maintain connections) can be displayed in real time and even entertainment.

The Pacim INF – railway information system is the core module for passenger information in the railway sector. The basis for the passenger information is the annual timetable which can be uploaded via an interface or can be entered with the integrated timetable planning tool. From this information the daily timetable will be generated. All trains with their associated announcements and advertisements can be viewed and edited in various ways. In addition to the system controlled interfaces, PaCIM can also use GPS based data from the trains to calculate times and positions.

Based on the VDV-interface, passenger information will be sent to the displays using the DPI-System. This can be done with different display technologies, with solar powered systems and with other data connection systems.

With the PaCIM Trac module, operators can determine the real-time data for their trains and then show this on the displays.

The IQ mobile infotainment is an entertainment and information system that has been specially designed for transport companies offering long-distance travel. This system offers travelers the possibility „on board“ of logging into a WiFi network using their own end device such as a smartphone or tablet. They are then able to access ebooks, films, music or other programs and travel information during the journey.

Sign System Software

MIE – MobiInfoEdit

  • In the style of Windows: easy to learn
  • Text auto formatting
  • FastInput mode
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Sign System Software

The Sign System Software enables Transit Authorities to display Real-Time and Scheduled Arrival information and Transit System Alerts to passengers.  Additional messages can be created and saved in your own standard library or quickly built using the message editor.  Audio announcements can be associated with any of these messages.  Messages are then sent for immediate display or added to the schedule.  Messages and schedules are sent to individual signs or select locations such as all routes, certain routes, specific stations, or individual signs.

Our Backend Server is designed to be fully upgradable and scalable for future expansion.  We can also provide redundant server options to meet extreme up time requirements.  Reliability is designed in using IP based communication and field proven hardware for wired or cellular connectivity.   Message scheduling eliminates the need for constant communication with signs.



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