New solution icenter.suite

For creating and updating of customer specific contents inside vehicles, Gorba AG offers the new solution icenter.suite.

icenter.suite is divided into the following applications:

  • icenter.admin
  • icenter.diag
  • icenter.cms serves to bring customer specific contents such as route sequence and advertisement to the various equipment’s in vehicles. Here text to speech “TTS” can be integrated for interior and exterior speakers, as well as contents for interior and exterior signs.


icenter.admin is an easy to use configuration tool for TFT/Topbox. Here resolution parameters, protocol types, time synchronisation and many other parameters can be set.


icenter.diag is suitable for trouble shooting and analysing. Single applications can be started from a work station, log files can be switched on and monitored on line. Also screen sharing is possible, meaning displaying the screen of equipment on your work station. In a second step all vehicles of a fleet can be integrated and you are always informed up to date about their status.


With icenter.cms equipment can be professionally managed with advertisement contents. Date- and time controlled displaying of contents and its integration into the passenger information process are granted. icenter.cms is web based, permits statistical evaluations and highly automates billing of customers.

In the future it will be possible to integrate CMS systems of other providers. First pilot tests in this matter are presently carried out. The following schematic visualises the various correlations.