Logo Lights

Logo Light - Large

Airplane LED Logo Light - Large

The latest generation of high efficiency LED logo lights. Our 8” light gets by with a nominal 60 W.

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Logo Light - Small

Airplane LED Logo Light - Small

5” (127 mm) Logo Light packed with 5 ultra-high brightness CREE aviation white LEDs and available with a variety of bracket solutions. Measuring 5.71" x 1.96" (145 mm x 50 mm), this light weighs 1.54 lb. (0.70 kg) and operates at a nominal voltage range of 18-36 V dc.


Logo Light - Halogen

Airplane Logo Light - Halogen

Original 12 volt halogen logo light with aluminum housing and heat-resistant lens. Measuring 7.9" x 7.0" x 7.9" (201 mm x 178 mm x 201 mm), this legacy light weighs 3.2 lb. (1.45 kg).