Cargo Lights

Cargo Light - COB

Airplane LED Cargo Light - Chip on Board (COB)

Utilizes high-powered LED’s and clear silicone lens to focus the light within the compartment. Utilizing this new technology of clear silicone will not only help to focus the light within the cargo compartment, but also provide a safer environment with no need for metal cages and less worry for any head impacts to ground crews and mechanics. Depending on where the light is required within the cargo compartment, specific lenes or molds can be used to optimize the light output.

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Cargo Light - Large

Airplane LED Cargo Light

Flush-mounted, 6" (150 mm), 3 LED element cargo light is ruggedized for use in aircraft baggage and cargo areas and is designed to meet the lighting requirements of SAE APR 1283 for cargo compartment lighting.


Cargo Light - Small

Airplane Cargo Light

3.2" (80 mm) cargo light is designed to provide a large area of illumination with minimal intrusion into the load area. With an overall thickness of less than 1.5" (38 mm) and a 3"x3" (76 mm x 76 mm) installation requirement, this light is perfect for any 28 V application.

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