Reading Lights

Reading Light - Adjustable

Airplane LED Reading Light - Adjustable

Luminator Aerospace’s adjustable LED reading lights are one of a kind and co-developed with the airline to achieve that exclusive look. This reading light features a textured body reminiscent of air vents in a top of the line Bentley or Mercedes. Our reading lights are fully dimmable and can be adjusted to suit the passenger's reading angle.

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Reading Light - Pivot

Airplane LED Reading Light - Pivot

Standalone LED reading lights can be mounted in a panel or any other surface, to easily replace existing halogen reading lights. A special mechanism allows the customer to decide whether the installed light shall be adjustable by the passenger or not. This reading light features headphone storage over the light assembly.



Reading Light - Seat Mounted

Airplane LED Reading Light - Side Wall

Designed with a cluster of 3 LEDs that offer different illumination points depending on the seat positioning (TTOL, recline and bed mode). Smooth curved front sits flush with the seat shell and can be customized to fit your needs. This reading light also has a night light function to ensure the passenger does not disturb others when the cabin is dark.


Reading Light - Side Wall

Airplane LED Reading Light - Seat Mounted

Dimmable side wall light purposed for multi-angle reading planes strategically designed for TTOL, recline, or bed mode. Thin profile makes it easy to mount on the inside of the seat shell. Sleek design includes a brushed aluminum accent metal bezel but can be customized to meet your needs.


Reading Light - Snake Lights

Airplane LED Reading Light - Gooseneck Snake Light

Fully dimmable, 180° bin radius, metal head can be plated for VIP installations. Custom genuine leather wrap with cross stitching. The head can withstand over 48,000 turn cycles, and the neck over 10,000 bend cycles.