Position & Strobe Light

Helicopter LED Exterior Taillight - Position & Strobe

Developed with 12 ultra-high brightness LEDs that are state-of-the-art in performance and lumen output. Features a significantly lower footprint than competitor lights.

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Taillight - White & IR

Helicopter LED Exterior Taillight - White/IR

Solid-state, hermetically sealed, TSO'd LED strobe light is a simple drop-in replacement for legacy lights. Packed with 30 ultra-high brightness, white LEDs for strobe mode.


Taillight - Rotor Flood

Helicopter LED Exterior Taillight - Rotor Flood

New generation of rudder white position and strobe light. Fits almost all standard rudder mounts. Extremely lightweight, aerodynamic, low-profile design makes this the light of choice for any certified rotorcraft.