Reading Lights

Reading Light - Adjustable

Helicopter LED Reading Light - Adjustable

Luminator Aerospace’s adjustable LED reading lights are one of a kind and co-developed with the airline to achieve that exclusive look. This reading light features a textured body reminiscent of air vents in a top of the line Bentley or Mercedes. Our reading lights are fully dimmable and can be adjusted to suit the passenger's reading angle.

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Reading Light - Pivot

Helicopter LED Reading Light - Pivot

Standalone LED reading lights can be mounted in a panel or any other surface. Easily replaces existing halogen reading lights. A special mechanism allows the customer to decide whether the installed light shall be adjustable by the passenger or not. This reading light features a headphones storage location over the light assembly.


Reading Light - Dome

Helicopter LED Reading Light - Dome

Low profile LED dome light measures 2.48" (63 mm) Ø round. Capacitive touch light offers a 115°-130° degree wide beam angle that eliminates glare. Operates on 9-36 V dc power and protrudes out from the mounting surface at a minimal 0.15" (3.9 mm).


Reading Light - Dual Mode

Helicopter LED Reading Light - Dual Mode

Measuring 2.48" x 1.54" (63 mm x 39 mm), this tactile switch light operates on 9-36 V dc power and has a 115° wide viewing angle. A short press switches the light between dim, full bright, dim, and off. A long press switches the light to off. White light LED with optional NVG compatibility.

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Reading Light - Mini Dimmable

Helicopter LED Reading Light - Mini Adjustable

2.48" (63 mm) Ø round LED light offers a smaller footprint, capacitive touch, one-color LED for those with limited installation space or only simple lighting needs in the cabin or cockpit. Operates on 9-36 V dc power. With one light finger touch, you can control the beam direction and intensity. No mechanical switches to fail and no bulbs to burn out.

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